Partner Program for Veterinarians

Our locally and family-owned veterinary urgent care center is here to partner with your practice, not replace it. We aim to care for patients during hours that most general practice vet clinics are not open, so that we can provide pet owners with quality medical care without the cost and wait times of emergency visits. 

Becoming a partner is a win-win: not only does it allow us to share your patient’s visits and records with you more efficiently, but we’re also here to help refer patients who need general veterinary care to you! Scroll down for more details.

How We Can Help

  • Gain New Clients: A large number of patients come to us without a primary care veterinarian. We refer 100% of these clients to our partner practices.
  • Improve the Transfer of Care Process: While transferring medical records after visits is standard for each patient we care for, when we work with a patient without a veterinarian, we can recommend a practice close to their home and forward you their urgent care records, so you’re prepared when they need follow up (or future) care.
  • Support Your Practice: We know giving clients after-hours care and recommendations can be cumbersome. We’re here to make it easy with ready-made digital resources for your website, blog, social media and voicemail. We’re also happy to provide your practice with physical brochures and business cards, and even to design custom social media assets for your practice using your brand, logo and colors. We want to make it easy for you to give your patients the info they need.
  • Continuous Quality Care: We’re here to provide quality medical care when you’re not available, to support your patients and their families. When we work together, we can make sure your patients feel like they have great care, day or night.

 Our Local Partners

Partner Resources

Download our social media, website and marketing guide just for you! We’re here to make giving your clients after-hours info easy. Need more brochures or want custom designed materials for your practice? They’re just a click away!

Become a Partner
Becoming a partner is easy. Let’s start working together!

If you are interested in partnering with us or would like more information, please contact:

Dr. Jaclyn Bruce